REDAWATER delivers world class-technology to your overall water treatment operations. Whether your equipment needs are basic or highly complex, we have the technology, experience and services to provide and maintain all your automation, chemical feed, control and storage requirements. We have the resources to enhance any water treatment program you implement:

  • Membranes for Reverse Osmosis Systems.
  • Complete Dosing Systems for Chillers, Cooling Towers and Boilers
  • Filtration Systems (sand and micro)
  • Softeners
  • De-alkalizers and De-mineralizers
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Specific Ion Removal
  • Disinfection Systems
  • Dosing Pumps and Controls
  • Test Kits, Instruments and Reagents
  • Portable pH, TDS/Conductivity Meters
  • DO Meters
  • Color Comparators
  • Tests Kits, Reagents and Tablets
  • Dip Slides for Testing General and Ecoli Bacteria