About Us

REDA Water is a regional water treatment services company which belongs to the REDA Group. We are a water treatment solution provider; offering customers across the MENA region specialty and industrial chemicals, process products, materials and equipment. We invest in developing new technologies to meet industry challenges, from reducing the total cost of producing water to reducing waterborne diseases. Our technologies and services cater to a wide variety of industries and applications to help meet your specific business goals. Some of the industries we serve include Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemical Process, Power Generation, Waste Water, Food & Beverage, Construction, Metals, Pharma, Farms & Dairies, Plastic & Polymer, Bottled and Drinking Water, Paper & Pulp.

We value long term partnerships through transparent and efficient communications with suppliers and clients alike. Our dedicated Water Treatment Specialists are always ready to serve you with technical information and new treatment ideas. Customers know they can count on us for quality enhancing solutions that will increase performance and profit.

REDA Water is part of the REDA Group. REDA Group belongs to a large privately owned investment group, which provides financial and governance support to REDA’s growth, continuity and commitment to best practices in the chemical industry.